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This is my very latest project. The intended goal for this room was to create a space that is comfortable, airy, happy, functional, and beachy.  Let me tell you why the project was successful and gave us the end result we were looking for:


  • Comfort: brought in the 8 year old sofa and chaise from the living room that already had the plush comfort and beachy look we wanted. Never mind how my living room looks at this moment. I’m just like you and have to make my money stretch and do projects in phases. 

  • Airy: abundant natural daylight already existed in this room so we chose an ivory Berber for the floor and painted the walls to match. Then, we removed the heavy wood blinds and replaced them with white sheer panels.

  • Happy: filled the walls with family and vacation photos and purchased a big screen TV!

  • Functional: rearranged the sofa and TV to allow for easy access to the door-wall, painted an old coffee table that we can rest our feet on, and cleared the hearth to allow for extra seating.

  • Beachy: chose a watery color palette and created a Caribbean photo gallery! I already mentioned the white sheer panels but, let me just say what an amazing illusion they provide. We have nothing pretty to see outside our windows but these airy panels trick the eye and with a little imagination, we can hear the Caribbean Sea lapping along the shoreline.



Below is a sampling of projects in my own homes that are intended to feature color, style, fabrics, finishes, scale, and proportion (not professionally photographed).

Bathroom Renovation

Bedroom Refresh

Condo Refresh

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